Varde AS, formerly NORPRO AS, has equipped thousands of vessels worldwide. Since 1981 VARDE has developed an enviable reputation in the marine and shipbuilding industry. Our success and leadership position within the industry are based on the experience and knowledge of our employees and the quality, reliability and safety of our products.

Competitive pricing, highest quality and on-time delivery have made the deck equipment, door series and custom services popular all over the world. By making the decision several years ago to adapt the production methods and diversify the supply chains, VARDE successfully anticipated globalization and ensured future competitiveness. As we realize that our customers compete in an increasingly competitive environment, we maintain a large stock of most of our standard products, components and spare parts, thus helping you to be even more competitive. We at VARDE are grateful to you, our customers and partners, for the trust and loyalty you have shown us over the years. VARDE will continue to strive to provide you with the products and services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Sincerely yours.
Anders Gulbrandsen 
Director Industrial

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